Saturday, February 16, 2008

Video Preview Of Free Speech Case

  • Fox61's Beyond The Headlines On Doninger Case

  • Background:

  • Granby, MA Teacher Blog: Justice For Avery Doninger
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    Fred said...

    Thanks, Andy. I'm looking forward to the class tomorrow evening.

    As I reviewed the background and commentary associated with this case, it occurred to me that there are other ways of looking at it besides as a stereotypical "free speech rights under fire" case.

    For example: It's a good jumping-off point for a discussion of the online disinhibition effect. Would Avery have called the principal (or the superintendent) a "douchebag" to her face? (Ditto for the other student who called-- was it the superintendent?-- a "dirty whore")

    It's also a good opportunity to talk about whether this case is, as Judy Aron asserts in her blog , yet another instance of public schools' usurping what traditionally have been prerogatives of parents (in this case, the ability to discipline their children).